Arossa Shibuya  



Having a home-like atmosphere, the space is not too big, but the ceiling is over 3 meters which makes it feel spaceier than it really is. It’s a great place to enjoy a relaxing time over good wine and food. The wine cellar at the entrance makes it clear why the ceiling is over 3 meters. The large wine cellar holds over 300 different kinds of wine, including original imported wines. Although Printemps Ginza and Yurakucho station are close, Arrosa is located one small street away from the crowd in a quiet area. It ’s a secret dining space in the middle of Tokyo. Here, as well as our Shibuya restaurant, is the perfect place to stop by before a movie or show for a chilled class of sparkling wine and some prosciutto ham appetizers, or even after having a meal but on those days that you still want a bit more to drink and talk about the show or movie you just saw with a good friend. Get a satisfying meal with glasses and glasses of red wine, or even make it your second bar stop for a glass of good red wine and cheese. Stop by also for coffee and dessert. We hope you can use the restaurant to meet your needs and stop by casually at all times.