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15.12.16 PJO[v

2015年12月16日プレオープン!北海道酒場 -HOKKAIDO IZAKAYA- Tanjong Pagar店がオープンいたしました!



Hokkaido Izakaya opened its doors in December 2015 and have been hosting a steady stream of Singaporean diners, tourists and Japanese expatriates, all looking for a good meal and an enjoyable time. Hokkaido Izakaya procures its produce from just four towns in Hokkaido and is certified by the Hokkaido City Council to promote Hokkaido produce in Singapore. Hokkaido Izakaya is part of the PJ Partners Group, known for bringing top quality Japanese concepts into Singapore.

Hokkaido Izakaya Logo - (For TM Submission)

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